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    Sure it's easy...but it's still pure KENTON in power.  
Too often people think Kenton's material must be difficult to learn or master. Here is a collection that proves you can do Kenton's type of material without great effort, daring or memorized patter.  

You asked for it, you got it! EASY yet INCREDIBLE mentalism you can do right away, or with very little physical effort. 
No difficult mental work required either. 
 If you are new to Kenton's work and want to ease into it, this is for you!  
If you are a longtime Kenton fan, you won't want to miss this one.  

Some of the effects in "Easy Mental Marvels"

 How Unlucky and Lucky You Are!:  A participant is handed a set of business cards that supposedly will tell the future. The participant names an "unlucky" number and the business cards uncannily show how unlucky that number is! Not to worry, amazingly the participant finds an odd coincidence turns up proving that their life will all work out for the good in the end!  No sleight of hand required, no tricky anything. Just write a prediction on a business card and you are set to go. This is a highly entertaining bit of mentalism everyone will remember.  

Lock That Securely In Mind:  A simple, secure, easy way to do Mind Reading on the fly with your business cards and a metal business card case, without shiners or sleight of hand.  

Drawing Business:  Two participants shuffle images drawn on the back of your business cards. They each look at an image, exchange them, and shuffle more. The performer mixes these images into even more images, and freely displays a few of the images. Then, suddenly, the performer names BOTH the images the participants have in mind.  This method is based on an unusual system developed by Kenton, mixed with a long forgotten principle to mentalists.  - Mentalist Versus Magician  Using a standard pack of cards the performer has two people freely select two cards. The cards are apparently mixed back into the deck. Even pros admit it isn't likely the performer can find the two cards now. The performer cuts out the four aces, but misses one ace. It turns out the missing ace was one of the cards the participants had in mind.  "That's how magicians do it, if they are really good. But a mentalist would just look you in the eye, read your mind and say, 'Nine of Spades.'"  Naturally this is the card the other person has in mind!  

Short Question and Answer Routine:  People write questions on your business cards. They mix their own questions back into your other business cards. After a few cuts, you take cards out one at a time, reveal the thought of information, and hand the question back to the proper people.  This seems so casual and fair, you won't believe how easy it is to do, thanks to Kenton. No folds, double lifts or anything difficult. You can't miss.  

Symbolic Harmony Reading:  Two people mix and deal a set of symbol cards in any way they wish at all. They look only at their own cards and discard any duplicates. The remaining cards of one participant is used for a reading. But that's not the odd part. It turns out these are the identical symbols their close friend has for their own reading! Not only that, the performer has predicted that these two people would be in exact harmony symbolically. A great effect for couples or teamwork.  

Candied Pairs:  Candy from a bowl or poured out of a bag is divided among two people. They exchange candies and divide them up any way they wish. Strangely, the two people pick the exact same kinds of candies (or nuts, pretzels, etc.) Of course the performer predicted this from the beginning. 

 That's not to mention Kenton's "An Easy Read" system of mind reading, Kenton's "Thought Direction" innovation and effects, the "Hands Off My Mind" bit that has fooled countless pros, or any of the other cool psychology, secret methods and special thoughts that make up this exciting eBook.  


What a fun collection of easy mental routines! Oh, there's nothing here that's particularly ground-breaking in terms of principles, but among the principles discussed, Kenton shares some little-known and definitely overlooked ones that got me excited to re-examine and to explore.
This 55-page PDF is definitely something to check out.

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